SOUQ Film Festival is proud to announce the official selection for its sixth edition that will be held from November 10 to 12 in the “Nina Vinchi” cloister at Piccolo Teatro “Grassi” in Milan.

28 short films, from 17 different countries will take part in the screenings, an array of works ranging from immigration to mental health, from prisoners’ rights to how to fight bullying.

PROGRAMME 1 (Friday November 10 at 17.30)

Big City by Jordan Bond, Lachlan Ryan (Fiction, 9 min, Australia, 2016) (info sheet)

Atalanta by Erik Horn (Fiction, 9 min, Canada, 2016) (info sheet)

Weeds by Kevin Hudson (Animation, 2 min, the USA, 2017) (scheda)

Lower Heaven by Emad Aleebrahim Dehkordi (Fiction, 20 min, Iran/France, 2017) (scheda)

We are People Too: Stories from the Jungle by Stephanie Meurer (Documentary, 19 min, USA, 2017) (scheda)

Marlon by Jessica Palud (Fiction, 19 min, Belgium/France, 2017) (scheda)

Remember Everything, to not forget anyone by Paolo Caspani (Documentary, 3 min, Italy, 2016) (scheda)

Un lugar (A Place) by Iván Fernández de Córdoba (Fiction, 12 min, Spain, 2016) (scheda)

PROGRAMME 2 (Saturday November 11 at 17.00)

Il profumo delle stelle (Scent of the Stars) by Francesco Felli (Fiction, 12 min, Italy, 2017) (scheda)

A Drowning Man by Mahdi Fleifel (Fiction, 15 min, the UK/Denmark/Greece, 2017) (scheda)

Martien (Martian) by Maxime Pillonel (Fiction, 9 min, Switzerland, 2016) (scheda)

Searching for Our(s)man by Luca Capponi (Documentary, 23 min, Italy, 2016) (scheda)

Kelly’s Story by Jeremiah Quinn (Documentary, 6 min, the UK,  2017) (scheda)

La Oposición (The Opposition) by Zoey Martinson (Fiction, 20 min, the USA, 2017) (scheda)

Les miserables by Ladj Ly (Fiction, 16 min, France, 2017) (scheda)

PROGRAMME 3 (Sunday November 12 at 15.00)

Caleb by Susanne Aichele, Amanda Mesaikos (Fiction,  15 min, the UK, 2016) (scheda)

No Jungle by Carmen Menéndez (Documentary, 16 min, Spain, 2017) (scheda)

Cleared by Charlotte Regan (Fiction, 2 min, the UK, 2017) (scheda)

Jonah by Michael Maschina (Fiction, 13 min, Austria/Italy, 2017) (scheda)

La notte del professore (The Professor’s Night) by Giovanni Battista Origo (Fiction, 19 min, Italy, 2016) (scheda)

A Gentle Night by Qiu Yang (Fiction, 15 min, Cina, 2016) (scheda)

The Good Fight by Ben Holman (Documentario, 16 min, the UK/Brazil, 2017) (scheda)

PROGRAMME 4 (Sunday November 12 at 17.30)

La gamba (The Leg) by Salvatore Allocca (Fiction, 15 min, Italy, 2016) (scheda)

Penalty by Aldo Iuliano (Fiction, 14 min, Italia, 2016) (scheda)

Spoken Word by Ilan Srulovicz, lan Muallem (Fiction, 26 min, the USA, 2017) (scheda)

Ambience by Ji Hyun Kim (Fiction, 12 min, South Korea/the USA, 2016) (scheda)

Bunkers by Anne-Claire Adet (Documentary, 14 min, Switzerland, 2016) (scheda)

Siren by Nobuyuki Miyake (Fiction, 17 min, Japan, 2017) (scheda)