Directed by Kevin Hudson
Animation, 2 min, USA, 2017

WEEDS – Official Trailer from Kevin Hudson on Vimeo.


‘Weeds’ is the story of a little Dandelion who struggles to get himself from the dry barren side of a driveway, to the other, where water is plentiful and the grass is greener.

The Director

991389_228b474ae33d44a2885b0820f1705e64~mv2_d_1685_1520_s_2.jpgKevin Hudson is an American Filmmaker who has devoted his life to the craft.  He is best known for his work as a Digital Artist and is currently part of the team at Walt Disney Animation Studios. Some of the movies he has worked on are BIG HERO SIX, ZOOTOPIA and MOANA. Before Disney he worked in visual effects and was a member of the teams that brought to the screen movies that include; Stuart Little, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Hollowman, The Polar Express, and John Carter of Mars.


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